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The Art of Storytelling has always been at the center of my life.  While growing up in the rolling hills of southern Indiana I was captivated by the stories told in books and yarned around tables.  I was deeply touched by stories that singers sang, and enthralled by stories told instrumentally.

I found that nothing was quite as magical to me as playing with others onstage; working to create a strong storytelling experience to share with the audience.  Feeling the energetic circle of story-telling and story-experiencing being completed was something I sensed as both enduring and ephemeral.

From musical theatre to plays to concerts, having the opportunity to participate in the Art of Storytelling is humbling and deeply fulfilling.  I am always striving to improve my offerings for the greater good.  In short, I am excited by teaching, by performing, by learning, by living, and Story seems to be the thread that binds it all.

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