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 Paul Ester

Paul has made a career out of being the “little bit of everything” creative type. After his undergrad work in Music Technology, Paul went on to teach Acoustics, Sound Synthesis, and Electronic Music Composition at Ball State University while working on a Master's in Music Theory and Composition. After grad school, Paul worked for a number of years at a Chicago-based record label, where he did some work as a studio musician (keyboards and sax), wrote a lot of pieces for new artists, and mastered a whole bunch of albums. During his time in the music biz, he even managed to work on three Grammy-nominated albums, as well as on numerous tracks that climbed quite a ways up the Billboard charts. In recent years, Paul has been the Creative Director for IQ Foundry, an interactive design agency, where in addition to working on all the music and sound, he does a lot of graphic design, animation, and website production.