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Online Group Classes
There are a variety of reasons why private lessons might not be the best fit for you right now, (including if the private lesson openings don't align with your current schedule). There are also a number of private students who enjoy joining online Group Voice for more performance experience and camaraderie. Live online group classes are a great solution for a variety of vocal goals, and group voice is a wonderful way to learn the fundamentals in a fun, supportive, and cost-effective way. Our group voice classes are open to new students at the beginning of each month. Currently running classes for ages 9-16, but I am happy to offer custom group classes for any age/ability group. If you have a few friends who are interested in forming a group with you, just drop me a line.

•$85/month, for 4, 55-minute long classes
•Join for one month or many
•Each month focuses on a new song

Group Voice Application
Current 2022 Upcoming Online Group Voice Classes:

January Online Group Voice: "Part of Your World," ages 9-17
Fridays, 5:30-6:25pm EST

February Online Group Voice: "Welcome to Wonderland," ages 9-17
Fridays, 5:30-6:25pm EST

March Online Group Voice: "TBD," ages 9-17
Fridays, 5:30-6:25pm EST
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If you are interested in other live online group music classes with topics ranging from music theory to songwriting to performance skills, check out our parent company: Songflight Studio.
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