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Amber Nicole Dilger Music Studio
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Spring Recital 2024

Congratulations to our performers: Amelie Porper, Sana Mukalel, Maeve Lareau, Margot Porper, Asmi Banerjee, Saighanavi Gulappa, Libby Banks, Saranya Datta, Eily Barker, Brea Barker, Keira Duncan, Keira Duncan, Lainey Banks, Katelin Wagner, Saanvi Yellanki, Aurelia Wenger, Camila Rubiano, Arwyn Robinson, Frank Lech, Will Fleming, Lauren Scianna, Anna Helton, Kennedy Riggins, Gabriella Terrero
Spring Recital 2023

Congratulations to our performers: Amber Holland, Amelie Proper, Anna Helton, Aolani Puaa, Asmi Banerjee, Aurelia Wenger, Breanna White-Hunt, Gabriella Terrero, Ishaan Ray, Jenna White, Juliette Cebenoyan, Katie Avants, Keira Duncan, Kennedy Riggins, Lauren Scianna, Libby Banks, Maddie Steiner, Margot Proper, Ria Gupte, Sana Mukalel
Spring Recital 2022

So proud of our performers: Breanna White-Hunt, Varsha Vivek, Ava Clement, Juliette Cebenoyan, Ishaan Ray, Amber Holland, Andrew Austin, Keira Duncan, Jenna White, Sana Mukalel, Kennedy Riggins, Madison Steiner, Juliana Dumas
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Although I've been teaching since 1999, it didn't occur to me until 2006 to actually start taking pictures of my lovely students. Be sure to scroll through memory lane to see your smiling face in our Hall of Fame!
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