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Amber Nicole Dilger Music Studio
But I'm a Tough Case...
...can you really help ME?

If you're a person who thinks "I can't sing," I'd love to help you discover the joy of making music with your voice. If you have a normal speaking voice, we can get you singing! Perhaps you'll find some inspiration in these articles:
•But I'm Tone Deaf...
•Careful the Things You Say

If you're asking this question, you know how important it is to find a patient and supportive teacher to work with. You know how important it is to find a teacher who can be your cheerleader and help you celebrate each small win along the way.

You know, deep down in your heart, that you'd like to sing
+a little easier
+a little higher
+or lower
+or have more control over your pitch;
+To sing so others can feel what you're feeling inside.

Join our studio family and discover how singing/voice lessons, as well as coaching to help overcome performance anxiety, can help. Whether you'd like to dedicate yourself to become better, faster, by signing up for weekly lessons, or you'd like to take a slower approach and schedule drop-in lessons, our studio family has a place for you.

By understanding how all the parts of the voice work, as well as cultivating good habits and managing the contributions of our thoughts, (including nervousness, perfectionism, and self-doubt), you will learn the healthiest and most effective way possible to perform any style of music that you love. This includes musical theatre belt, opera, pop, jazz, folk, and metal (yep, "cookie monster" voice). Incorporating the exciting discoveries of the science of learning will help you improve in both your music and life in general.

If you sincerely want to work on improving your voice, whether that means polishing songs for an upcoming performance or being able to proudly sing Happy Birthday to those you love... let's get started!

The short student application will help us both understand your goals for your voice work. Once you submit the form, I'll review and email you back to let you know if we should move ahead with scheduling, or if I think you could be helped even more by one of my colleagues.

You Got This!

Student Application
Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them!

~Oliver Wendell Holmes
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