Amber Nicole Dilger Music Studio
Amber Nicole Dilger Music Studio
Parent Testimonials
Kara Solo and Ensemble Wisconsin School Music Association Vocal winner
Lori Sanders:
We wanted to let you know about Kara's Solo & Ensemble results that you were such an important part of. At State she received a 1st and an Exemplary Recognition Award on both pieces by two different judges. It was the most amazing performances I have ever heard Kara do in front of others. She did not hold back and was not nervous. Thanks to you she nailed the Italian pronunciations including the rolled r's. She greatly improved her dynamics since district. Neither judge had any suggestions for improvement and told her she needed to consider a music career. She truly peaked for State. She learned so much from you and truly now loves performing for others. You made a big impact in her life and she loved her time spent with you. I attached a photo from our local paper.
... love from both Kara and I
Paula Apfelbach:
I just wanted to thank you again for all of your care, compassion, and excellent instruction with Jennifer since she's been your student. We've really had a great experience in your studio. Thank you again for all you've done; Jennifer always came away feeling cheerful, no matter how she felt going into her lesson. That's the magic and talent that you share.
Jennie Abt:
Thanks for everything! Emily (student from ages 6-10) learned so much from you, most importantly a love and appreciation for music. You have such a wonderful way with your students and Emily completely came out of her shell because of you. We're so happy with her musical progress and growth. Thanks so much.
Laurie Schnittman:
Ellie (age 7) got the part of Tinkerbell! She's very excited, of course. (The director) said that Ellie's work with you really shows because she's so poised when she has auditions -- so thank you for everything!
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