Amber Nicole Dilger Music Studio
Amber Nicole Dilger Music Studio
Student Testimonials: Private Lessons
Steve Graham singing with guitar
Steve Graham:
After I started taking lessons from you, I started to view music, lyrics, instrumentation and vocal presentation in ways I never did previously. I enjoy all music more because of that, and that has caused me to broaden my musical palette.

There's no question in my mind that, in my life thus far, you have had the single largest influence on me as a musician! I've had two or three teachers over the years, and other musicians have inspired me to want to play, but I never understood the artistry of telling the story until I started taking lessons from you. That's so huge to me! It was like a missing piece of a puzzle finally found.
Collin Khamphouy professional singer dancer
Collin Khamphouy:
I began training with you as a way to supplement my dance training and further my artistic abilities for a career in the performing arts. You immediately noticed that my strict ballet training was a hindrance to a solid breathing technique and we spent a lot of time adapting my body to new vocal habits. As an instructor, you placed a huge importance on personal practice, which I had never experienced from a teacher before. This regiment of personal practice prepared me to stay afloat in the extremely rigorous performing arts program at Point Park University. I also valued you as a personal career advisor to me in the latter part of my high school days. You were always willing to lean on your personal experiences in the business to offer advice. You reached out to your dancer colleagues if you couldn't answer a question I had and you even sent me to my first professional audition in Chicago for a role you thought I would be great for. Your guidance and encouragement led me to seek out Point Park University, which led me to an amazing job as a swing in the Broadway National Tour of Pippin (and I remember picking your brain about the duties of a swing). I would not be where I am today without your instruction.
Kathryn Agans:
It has been so wonderful to be your student over the years. You fill your home with kindness, positivity, and music; making it a safe and welcoming place for all. I know you will continue to inspire people through music. Thank you for all of your time over the years. Thank you for putting compassion into a sometimes dark world.
Jessica Riphenburg
Jessica Riphenburg:
Amber Nicole is an amazing teacher. My daughter and I both took lessons from her, and she's made the experience so much fun. She is very warm, enthusiastic and genuine, and her lessons seem to be completely tailored to best suit each individual person's strengths, interests and challenges. She spends time staying on top of neuroscience to help understand how the brain works and interprets information in a musical capacity, which I thought was pretty awesome! When I'm not "getting" something she's quick to figure out the situation and explain how my brain is playing a role and what I can do to overcome the issue. I feel like her knowledge and interest has given me such a valuable experience, and I was surprised to see the progress I made in a relatively short amount of time. She's always quick to reply to questions between lessons with thoughtful answers, suggestions and tips. I think Amber Nicole goes above and beyond to give her students a fantastic musical experience and is really invested in the growth and progression of her students.
Jahlieh Gardipee (on her way to sing the National Anthem for an NBA game for 13,700 people):
I'm on my way with a big smile and the aftertaste of gross herbal throat drops of glory on my tongue! Thank you so much. I am so thankful I am in your studio!
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Olivia Foght musical theatre Boston Conservatory student
Olivia Foght:
Amber Nicole- I got the scholarship! I'm so excited to be attending Boston Conservatory at Berklee for Musical Theater. Thanks for all your help-- I'm lucky to have such an amazing teacher!
Jack Ishida vocal coach student
Jack Ishida, Optimization Project Manager at Lenovo:
I had the pleasant experience of working with Amber for a short while in 2019 as a vocal coach. I had no training at all, and was coming in completely blind. I found her confidence, easy going personality and cheerful disposition very calming in the face of the anxiety I felt. She always made the lessons fun and comfortable for me.

I was impressed with her ability to teach singing, but even more so her ability to work with students and bring out their best through patient encouragement and making lessons fun. I highly recommend Amber for anyone looking for an effective coach / teacher and will be working with her again in the future.
Luke Landgraf college singing auditions
Luke Landgraf:
Thank you so much for letting me take voice lessons with you the past few years. Every time I leave your house I smile because I am so lucky to have you as a mentor! Thank you so much! Its so funny, Ellen, the lady that has been helping with these upcoming auditions, said "Man, your voice teacher knows you really well. These songs are perfect for you." and I thought YES! my voice teacher is amazing! Ahh, Thank you, thank you!
I dont know where I would be without you!
Katie Brown:
I found this cool quote the other day that has really been helping me lately: "it isn't the load that breaks you down. it's the way you carry it," and I have really taken notice of how people handle things in their life. I have really taken you as a wonderful example of how I want to carry my load because I have noticed that even though you may have a million things going on in your life, you never seem to let it bring you down, or better said, you take it as it comes and do the best with whatever situation that's put in front of you. So, I just wanted to say thank you for being that positive example and role model for me.
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